The main character is LINDA (45) a soft
spoken, caring, attractive, single, Jewish
teacher, living in a southern city. Linda
struggles with loneliness, and longing for
meaning in her life.

A car accident on a rainy
night leads her to a woman who knows God,
and her adventure in discovering the identity
of God, begins.


Through a vivid dream, she realizes that she had been sexually abused as a child by her teen cousin. She had blocked it out, but awakening to the truth leads her to answers about why she must always sleep with a
light on and why she is afraid of men.

When she is accused of physically abusing one of her students, she prays to Jesus for help, as proof he exists.  Within a few days, charges are dropped and Linda is
absolved from this accusation.


As Linda begins to study and connect with God, she discovers can believe in Jesus and still remain Jewish.

Linda is able to pass on to her family what
she has come to believe, and stops 
her friend ELAINE (45), an alcoholic, from committing suicide. 



Linda is confronted by her family about
her beliefs at the Passover Seder.
Her uncle AL (80) shocks the family
when he confesses that he also believes in Jesus. 


During the Seder, her cousin BOBBY (55)
unexpectedly arrives at the house. When he is confronted in private by Linda about the abuse, he has a sudden heart attack. Linda visits him in the hospital and forgives him. 


The conclusion of the film ends in both uncertainty and hope. Linda’s new love ED (45) confesses that he needs a lung transplant. He begs Linda to fly to the hospital with him, but Linda wants to run. God comes to the rescue, and gives her courage to go with Ed.

Linda realizes that although she never had an earthly father, she always had a heavenly Father.