Why Does this Film need to be Created? 

Films can be a powerful and transformational experience for the audience. Currently, there are very few films that address the issue of believing in Jesus (Yeshua) and remaining Jewish. The modern movement has been developed within the last fifty years, although Messianic Judaism has existed for two thousand years since the resurrection of Jesus. Even in this information era it is difficult to find reliable information in the secular media about this subject. 

This film not only tells a relatable story, but also gives information on Messianic Judaism without overtly preaching. The Jewish people
seem to be the last ones approached about knowing the Jewish Messiah, Jesus. This is a unique film that deals with not only telling the truth about God, but about our lives and our relationships.

Film, more than any other form of communication, can change minds as well as hearts. It is both visual and auditory. Tell My People Media Ministry was designed to equip people with the necessary skills and effective communication styles to minister to Jewish people about Jesus. We seek to bridge the invisible barrier between the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah. The book TOUCHED BY TRUTH can only go to individuals. A film can influence a large group, in a short period of time. Dialogue imbedded in an interesting story, can allow the subject of faith to be heard, using both serious subjects and comedic dialogue. This is our mission to continue His great commission.