A Messianic Media Ministry

Advancing Messianic Judaism through books and film



To awaken Jewish people and other pre-believers to the power of God in their lives.

To give vital information that shows Jewish people why Jesus (Yeshua) is their Messiah.


We tell relevant and relatable stories of today that present Messianic Judaism in a way that is understandable. 


Touched by Truth

Our current project is Touched by Truth.  A novel and screenplay written by Susan Salganek.  This story follows the journey of middle aged, attractive, single Jewish woman in search for the truth about the identify of God.  Along the way, she must battle the demons of her abusive past, face the truth about her failed relationships, and lead her friend from the darkness to the light. 



We need funds for: 

  • Publishing expenses
  • Travel and Hotel expenses to raise money for independent film
  • Conference expenses

Approximate cost for publishing book and marketing expenses: 5,000.00

Approximate cost for producing independent film : 2-5 million

About ACT

ACT is Artists in Christian Testimony,  They exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries and missionaries for Christian work around the world.

About ACT